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Comprehensive service of construction investments in Poland and abroad.

Steel structures

It all starts with a vision.


is a company specializing in the construction of buildings in the technology of prefabricated steel structures. We have the experience necessary to provide comprehensive investment service from planning to execution.

We work with leading manufacturers in Poland, and our qualified staff is able to meet even the most technologically advanced investments.

From design to finishing

Each investment is a challenge, that’s why it’s important to approach it comprehensively. We offer a wide range of services.


We work with the best steel structure designers to ensure the highest quality.

Construction Works

Our qualified team is able to carry out all necessary construction work.


We will advise you in choosing the best solutions from the moment you decide to invest.

Steel Structures

Dozens of completed investments make us specialists in the assembly of steel structures.


Our company also comprehensively installs electrical, plumbing and other systems.

Interior Finishing

Interior finishing is also part of an investment. We offer the highest standards of interior finishing.

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These are just some of our services. We are happy to answer all your questions and tell you about our projects and more…

Recent Projects

Przedstawiamy niektóre z naszych realizacji. Wśrod nich znajdują się obiekty przemysłowe, domy jednorodzinne oraz zaawansowane inwestycje mieszkaniowe realizowane w Skandynawii.

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