Bcnu Nursing Collective Agreement

BCNU Nursing Collective Agreement: A Comprehensive Guide for Nurses

The British Columbia Nurses` Union (BCNU) represents over 50,000 Registered Nurses and allied healthcare professionals working in hospitals, residential care facilities, and other healthcare facilities across British Columbia. The BCNU Nursing Collective Agreement is the contract that governs the working conditions, wage rates, and benefits of union members. It is negotiated between the BCNU and the Health Employers Association of British Columbia (HEABC) and sets out the terms and conditions by which BCNU members are employed.

The Latest Collective Agreement

The latest collective agreement between the BCNU and HEABC was signed on November 25, 2019, and will be in effect until March 31, 2022. It includes several significant changes, such as wage increases, increased benefits, and new provisions for mental health and safety in the workplace. The agreement also features a new process for addressing workload concerns and the establishment of a professional development fund.

Wages and Benefits

The collective agreement ensures that BCNU members receive fair wages and benefits that reflect their education, experience, and skills. The 2019-2022 agreement provides for wage increases of 2% in each year of the contract term. It also includes improvements to benefits, such as increases in extended health and dental coverage, and enhancements to the paid leave entitlements that allow BCNU members to take time off for personal needs.

Workload and Workplace Safety

The collective agreement recognizes the importance of workload and workplace safety for the well-being of nurses and healthcare staff. The agreement establishes a new process for addressing workload issues, where BCNU members can report concerns and request a workload assessment. The process involves a joint review between the employer and union representatives to ensure that workload is manageable and safe.

The agreement also includes a new provision for mental health and safety in the workplace. It recognizes the importance of protecting the mental health of BCNU members and establishes a framework for addressing mental health concerns in the workplace. The agreement also provides for training and education to support mental health and safety in the workplace.

Professional Development

The collective agreement recognizes the importance of ongoing professional development for BCNU members. It establishes a professional development fund to support training and education for union members. The fund provides up to $350 per year for each BCNU member to pursue their professional development goals.


The BCNU Nursing Collective Agreement provides a comprehensive framework for ensuring fair working conditions, wages, and benefits for healthcare professionals in British Columbia. The 2019-2022 agreement includes significant improvements to wages and benefits, workload and workplace safety, and professional development. As a result of the collective agreement, BCNU members can continue to provide high-quality care for patients and contribute to the healthcare system`s success.